Saturday, June 09, 2007

Movie Review - Venus

Movie Review – Venus with Peter O’Toole. (a 7 on the JWO scale of 1-10)
I almost didn’t see this movie. I just assumed Peter O’Toole received the nomination for best actor as a bit of nostalgia. Now granted he was typecast as an aging actor, and boy did he look old and sick….but still he is powerful, with those piercing eyes and the look. Occaisionally it is hard to catch all the words with the British accents (of course I assume much easier if you are British) but this is a nice little movie. A story about people becoming self aware, and people learning how to give of themselves to others. It is about remembering you are never to old to live or learn, or feel. It is about learning to express oneself. It is about life and family and friends. It is about how endings are beginnings. The movie does all this subtly and with great acting, I would highly recommend it.