Saturday, August 08, 2009

Meanderings August 8th

Plant – Vertigo is growing and yet appears to be dying at the same time. Some of its purple petals are falling off, yet the plant itself seems to growing, even outgrowing the plastic pot it came in. Perhaps it is time to give it room to grow. I had thought about planting it in the ground. However I would have to plant it out front, for out back the dogs would likely destroy it as they race around the yard. If it were out front, I would have less time to contemplate with it. So I will have to get a larger plant to keep it on the back porch. Interesting analogy. I have to let it grow, yet still want to protect it. Sort of like my children.

Animals – I am helping a neighbor out watching their dog while they are away….it is an old dog who is not well. It is sad to see it in so much pain, yet he still responds positively to human compassion. Cats get into the funniest places. One of our cats got into a dresser today, slipped into just a slight opening and had trouble getting itself out. I heard it crying. Of course I am assuming she got herself into the dresser by herself. Maybe it was open, she went in and somebody closed it not realizing she was there. Interesting analogy how we sometimes unwittingly get ourselves into predicaments that we don’t even intend or plan and need the help of others to get us out of…..I must remember that as a reminder to help others out of their dressers so to speak.

Movie Review - Julie and Julia - A 7 on the JWorld Scale

Very entertaining and funny movie. I was never a Julia Child fan, but really Meryl Streep is just a great great actress of our time. Upon rejection of her book, she asks her husband, Have I spent the last eight years just keeping myself occupied” (paraphrase here)…then answering her own question she says “Oh Well” and moves on. Maybe it was that simple in real life…..but even so, it is a good message to take our “failures” in stride. This is a lesson the Julie in the story had to learn as well. The inter-splicing of the two stories into the movie of Julie following Julia Child’s recipes and Julia Child learning how to cook French. This was not necessarily a deep movie (although it did have some deep moments) but it was fun. One thing I noticed though….I was one of the youngest people in the movie. Probably the avg age of attendees was age 60.