Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Walking Meditation November 16th 2010

My morning spiritual reading included some passages on driving and walking meditation. One of the questions asked was do we really need to drive somewhere? Well early this morning I had set aside a time to write, and sometimes, I go to Starbucks get a tea put my ear plugs in and write. But after the reading today I decided to make my own cup of tea and walk to the clubhouse in my apartment complex. I remembered that there were some rocking chairs up there and thought I would walk there and write there for a change of pace (Kyle and Helen are sleeping at the apartment, so it also gives them some quiet without me bumbling around) Well as I walked out, I felt a nice cool breeze blow across my face, and at the same time felt the sun heat up my skin. I instinctively looked up to soak in the sun and let it warmth spread throughout my body. And as I walked mindfully, I took notice of all that was around me….the weeping willow tree, the leaves on other trees (unknown type) starting to turn brown, the palm trees, always palm trees….some beautiful blue and pink flowers, an alligator in a pond soaking in the sun as well. Walking over a wood bridge over a creek, a small waterfall and a frog perched on a piece of wood. I come towards my destination and there are two paths….one of which I know leads to my destination and the other an unknown destination. I of course choose the path with the unknown destination. In this case it took me somewhere I had never been before. For that I am grateful, but eventually it came to a dead end. This happens sometimes in life. So I turned around and went back to the other path that led me to clubhouse and the rocking chairs where I sit now writing this. I am surrounded by trees and a pond and plants and I hear the hum of the street in the distance which comes to sound like a meditative chant. There is much richness in life to become aware of that I pass by day in and day out that I miss out on when I just drive on by and don’t take the time to be mindful and observe.