Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Proposed Outline for UU Theology for the 21st Century

One of the questions for my theology class was to propose and Outline for UU Theology for the 21st Century - this was how I answered it.....

Transformational Theology
Belief that due to our existence, existence can and should change for the better for
Our community
The larger community
The world itself.

Creation Theology
We can create a Heaven on this Earth by
Realization of divinity in all things
Creation of justice, equity, and compassion in all relations (not just human relations)
Accepting responsibility for our creative acts.

Revelation Theology
Remain open to new and different forms of wisdom
Remain in awe of the unfolding of existence.
Work towards the unfolding and development of our individual and communal potential

Covenantal Relational Theology
How we agree to act with one another both within and without our community:
Intentionally engage with the larger community with creative dialogue and action
Support for each other during the journey through life’s passages

Awareness Theology
Conscious and mindful living in everything we do during our life journey
How do our actions impact ourselves, others and the earth.
Becoming aware of our culture
Becoming aware of other cultures
Understanding the difference between cultures, and becoming aware of how
those difference impacts our thoughts and actions.

Avatar - A 7.5 out of 10 on the Jay Wolin Movie Rating Scale

This was a tough call…..I of course liked the message, but it was just a bit over the top….I give it such a high score due to its visual beauty….the mixing of live and digital is blending almost too easily, it makes it scary….Clearly a message of anti-western consumption culture, story on how we abuse indigenous cultures for their resources, demonize others as an excuse to destroy them (Sam Keel’s work comes to mind here), how we minimize others for having different ideas and beliefs and ways of life than we do….the juxtaposition of western technology vs eastern and New Age spirituality….I even felt it was trying to tell the story that if only the Native American tribes had been able to unite they could have defeated the European invaders….It made the environmental angle, about how all things are connected…..and impacted by each other….hit the circle of life issue also....sort of a star wars meets Dances with Wolves meets Lion King.….I say this not to sound mocking…I liked the movie, It made its point well, its just that it lacked any subtly….and of course, well the good beings won in the end which was nice....Although I think it cynically showed how we use science and good people as deception for merely winning the hearts and minds of those we would subjugate.....and of course as in any good movie it touches on redemption.....I'll see it again, and it made me think which in and of itself justifies this rating...